The Choice And The Challenge Seminar © 2006

Teaching 4

Answers For – Self-Control And Masturbation


Point One



1) What Is The Goal For This Teaching?                                                                                  Becoming Mature In Christ



2) In Hebrews 5:14 What Are We To Do To Distinguish Good From Evil?                                We Are To Train Ourselves



3) What Are The Four Words You Need To Have An Understanding Of From This Teaching?


                                                                                                                    Conviction, Condemnation, Guilt And Shame

4) What Is The Definition For The Word Masturbation?


                                                                                                                                             Defilement By Use Of The Hand


5) In Matthew 5:27-28, Where Does Jesus Say The Sin Of Lust Begins?                                                         In The Heart



6) In Romans 6:14, What Is Not To Become Our Master?                                              Sin Is Not To Become Our Master



Point Two



7) What Is The Purpose Of Our Sex Drive?                     Our Sex Drive Is Designed To Push Us Towards Relationship



8) What Most Often Accompanies Masturbation 99% Of The Time?                                                            Sexual Fantasy



9) Where Does The Battles For Control Of Our Sex Drive Take Place Within Us?                                                 Our Mind



10) What Is A Key In Controlling Masturbation Within Your Life?


                                                                                      Control Your Thoughts And You Can Control Masturbation


11) Concerning This Battles Within Us, What Are The Two Opposing Sides?                              Our Spirit And Our Flesh



Point Three



12) Which “Fruit Of The Spirit”That Is Focus On In This Teaching?                                                                   Self Control