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Teaching 5

QuestionsFor Lust Teaching – Becoming Undeceived


For Your Information:.All Answers Are Found On The “Blue Slides” (On Videos) Throughout Each Teaching.


For Your Information: All Answers Are Found On The Blue Slides (on videos) Throughout Each Teaching.

Point One


 1) What Is The Goal For This Teaching? ________________________________________________________________


2) Desire Enhances Love, But Lust Is Toxic, Where?  _____________________________________________________ 


3) If The Goal Of Desire Is A Deeper Relationship. Then What Is The Goal Of Lust? ______________________________


4) If Desire Respects The Other Person, Then What Does Lust Do?  __________________________________________



Point Two


5) What Is The Title For Point Two? ___________________________________________________________________


6) How Do We Most Often Use Lust? __________________________________________________________________


7) In Matthew 5:29-30 What Does It Say That Jesus Is Saying In Those Verses?  ________________________________



Point Three


8) In Point Three The Title Says That Lust Is?  ___________________________________________________________


9) Satan Uses Lust, Why? ___________________________________________________________________________


10) What Does Lust Always Bring To Your Soul?  ________________________________________________________


11) Another Way Lust Is Described Is That Lust Is A Form Of? ______________________________________________


12) If You Are Always Lusting, Are You A Sex Addict Within Your Inner World?  _________________________________