Answers For Unbelief Teaching


1)  Please write out Mark 9:24 – Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief

2) Unbelief seems to be more an act of the will, while lack of faith receives rebuke and reproach and we are encouraged  

    to ask for more faith. Unbelief seems to be more an act of the will and is condemned.  Also, while lack of faith generally   

    centers on not trusting in what God can or will do, Unbelief more often relates to not believing in who God (or

   Jesus) truly is and/or in the true goodness of His character.

3) Unbelief is also related to hardnessof heart.


(4 -10 – What are the 7 consequences of unbelief?)


4) It limits God’s (Jesus) power to perform miracles and to heal.


5) It hardens the heart.


6) It prevents one from entering God’s rest.


7) It provokes the wrath of God.


8) It makes one a fool.


9) It causes God to “give up” on people.


10) It leads to depravity and perversion.


11) What are the two things you need to do to resolve unbelief in your life?


           1) Repent and ask for God’s mercy and you will receive it.


           2) Ask Jesus to help, and He will.


  • The quote from John A. Hardon says: 


      Those Who Do Not Believe Do Not Pray.  This Is A Good Functional Definition Of Faith. 

        Faith Prays


         UnbeliefDoes Not.