Questions For Teachings on Unforgiveness


1) The dictionary defines the verb “to forgive” as follows:


    To grant _____________________________________________________for or remission of an offense, debt, etc.


    To give up ________________________  _____________________________on account of a debt, obligation, etc.


    To cease to feel ______________________________________________________ against;


    To _________________________________________________________________  an indebtedness or liability. 


2) It is interesting that one definition of “absolve” provided by the dictionary is:


    “to set _______________________________________, or ___________________________________________ ”.


3) In the Lord’s Prayer: “And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.”   

    What does this petition imply?


     That we are only forgiven by God _______________________________________________________________? 


4) What is another way of saying: “up to seventy times seven times”.

    _________________________________________ and a ____________________________________________

5) In Matthew 18 the word “torturer” is legitimately often translated ________________________________________

6) What is the point of the parable in Matthew 18? If we do not forgive, God will allow us to be

    ____________________________and____________________________ until we come to our senses and forgive. 

7) Therefore who does unforgiveness imprison, the offender or the ________________________________________

8) In Corrie ten Boom’s story, she said that it was only by surrendering to the ________________________________       

     were she was able to forgive.

9) Unforgiveness is a____________________________________________________________________________

     ____________________________________________________________________________by the victim of an

    _____________________________________________________________________________ while intended to

    _____________________________________________the ___________________________________________.

10) In a sense, any unforgiveness actually allows the offender to inadvertently

     ____________________________________________ you___________________________________________

11) Unforgiveness is a sin, but with the help of the Holy Spirit you can be free from this sin and




12) What is the quote at the end of this teaching by Lewis B Smedes?


Fact:                                   The more you are free from any “Unforgiveness,” in your life, the less you will deal with any lust in your life!